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Bike Fitting Services

Body Positioning

£95 - up to 2hrs

Lets go on a journey - albeit on a static trainer! We will work on the key contact points between you and your bike to optimise performance. Why? This delivers the greatest combination of comfort, stability, power, and endurance available for you on your bicycle.

Saddle Fit

£60* – 1hr

I have spent hours, even weeks perched on a saddle. Achieving the best saddle fit takes focused, methodical and precise assessment, as well as riding time. Using various demo saddles, we will spend the time required focused on the integration of you and your bike.

* Refundable against certain saddle purchases

Special offer get both fits done at the same time for £120.

Cleat Fit

£20* – 1/2hr

New shoes or just not sure your cleats are in the right position? With this service we will fit the cleats to your shoes and place them in the correct position for you.