Professional Bike Fit Services in Exeter and Yeovil
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Bike Servicing

Basic Service


Visual inspection and parts quotation

Tyre condition checked & inflated to correct pressure

Wheel rim condition inspected

Brakes including cables, checked and correctly adjusted (non-hydraulic) + £25 for hydraulic bleed

Chain checked for wear and lubricated

Gears checked, including cables and correctly adjusted

Bolts checked and tighten to correct torque

Medium Service


Basic service +

Hub are checked and adjusted

Wheels checked and trued in bike

Headset checked & adjusted

Bottom bracket checked for play

Pedals and Chainset checked.

Fitting of inner gear /brake cables and pads (if required)

“Drive train removed, degreased / washed in a parts wash and reassembled with fresh oil/grease as required.

Full Service


Medium service +

Full bike strip down to component level, including headset

Inspection of all components

Re-assembly using fresh lubricants

Ebike service


Bike is serviced as above with the addition diagnostic test and a software update.

Mobile servicing available