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About Me

Having an extensive engineering background, which led to me carrying out repairs for friends and family on their bikes, gaining one of the highest qualifications achievable in cycle maintenance (level 3 diploma) with Cycle Systems Academy. I went on to train in bike fitting with (the 2nd oldest fit system in the world)  & then furthered my knowledge base training with some of the best bike fitters in the country – from high-end retail bike fitters to master bike fitters. Not one to stagnate I have done continuation training in the form of saddle fitting, time trial and triathlon specific positioning & advanced motion capture, I have further courses booked for 2019  

2018 brought an introduction to Ebike’s, training with Bosch in Bristol for the day. I am a big advocate for ebikes, the more people we get cycling the better the end result for the rider and the planet. 

In my spare time I like to cycle though that has slowly evolved into triathlons, currently I ride a Trek Domane and a Tiffosi SS26 for triathlons. When it comes to MTB I ride a Ribble hard tail which is great for trail riding with my son.