Professional Bike Fit Services in Exeter and Yeovil
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90-day Post-Fit Guarantee

We want to make sure you get the most from your cycling by helping you find a riding position that fits you and your needs.

If, for whatever reason, you don’t feel entirely comfortable with any element of your fit, we offer a 90-day comfort guarantee, meaning you can return for a free 1-hour follow-up so we can reassess any on-going issues you might be experiencing.


The guarantee is not a performance guarantee. We do not guarantee you will be faster or more powerful after your bike fit.

The guarantee is aimed at covering a position that we consider to be comfortable and sustainable for your intended riding style. If the position is not as aero or performance focused as you’d hoped there may be functional restrictions that prevent that position from being appropriate for you. If this is the case, we can recommend exercises or medical professionals that may be able to help you transition towards the more aggressive position you had in mind.

If the position is causing any discomfort, please contact us before making any changes. The changes you want to make may not be the same changes we’d suggest in your situation.

Where large changes are made to your position during the fit, you should gradually ease back into riding over a period of 2-5 gentle rides. Shifting a saddle significantly and going for a hard, long ride may result in you fatiguing more quickly or experiencing a reduction in power output.


The guarantee does not cover:

• Instances where recommended off-the-bike exercises have not been completed, or given sufficient time to take effect

• Instances where the bike has been identified as the wrong size and/or shape

• Individuals with on-going medical conditions, known injuries or pending surgeries

• Instances where the rider has crashed or had any physical injury/accident since the fit 

No refund or financial alternative is offered in lieu of the 1-hour follow-up”