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The Ultimate Fit

For you and your bike

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That feeling when you realize you’ve bought something that doesn’t quite fit properly? It really can be frustrating if it’s something simple like a new pair of jeans, but if it’s an expensive bike or accessories it can be both depressing as well as wasteful. Shoes are a great example. As a cyclist, do you ever get numb feet? We can probably guess why – your shoes will be slightly the wrong size with the cleats positioned in slightly the wrong place. Millimeters do matter and at BikeAid, you will find that we take fitting very seriously indeed.

Our flagship service is Bike Fit. It is the ultimate fit for you and your bike. The theory is simple – we make sure your bike is fitted to you and not the other way round, because the other way round doesn’t work! We are all different, so adapting the bike to fit you results in a more comfortable, enjoyable and efficient ride.


“After completing a ride from Middlesbrough to Yeovil for charity I suffered long-term pains in my hands. I decided to get a cycle fit before I did my next charity ride, this time from Paris to Yeovil. I was truly amazed with the service Nick provided, he took the time to explain why he was making the adjustments he made. Since having the fit I now feel part of the bike and not perched on the saddle. A throughly friendly mechanic who put me at ease through the whole fit process. ”
James Healey, Bristol

“Don’t make the mistake I made and leave it to long after you start cycling to have a bike fit.A friend recommended Nick at @bike_aid. Can’t believe the huge difference and also top service with a smile.Highly recommended it to anyone”
Paul Cornelius, Martock

“I can't recommend the bike fit from Nick highly enough. A very knowledgeable mechanic who spent plenty of time making sure I was happy with the fit. All the servicing nick has carried out on my bike has been great and at good price, he is also more than happy to talk through what's been done and offered plenty of advice. ”
Michael Stone, Crewkerne

“Wow, what a difference after I had my bike fit by Nick! No more pain in my right foot & a much more comfortable ride. More power with less effort, just what I was hoping for! Really friendly & knowledgeable. Every step of my fit came with an explanation of how & why alterations were being done. Can’t recommend highly enough. Thanks Nick!”
Peter Uniacke, Curry Rivel

“Nick is awesome! Don’t hesitate to use his service. Never had a bike fit? book one now! Not sure if you’ve been fitted correctly by a shop? Book one with Nick now! His calm, friendly and helpful manner mean you get excellent value for money, and his a wealth of experience is sure to ensure that your ride will be far more comfortable.”
Charley Maidment

“Much appreciated another great bike fit feel ready for this year's training to commence can't wait to get back in the saddle”
Olly - Wessex Wizzards

“Spent a couple of hours with a very knowledgeable and professional bike mechanic. Gears and brakes adjusted too. Fully recommend this bike fit, as money well spent for maximum output”

“@bike_aid Can't recommend @bike_aid enough. He gave me a full bike fit before the Somerset 100. I can report back, that I finish the event with out any problems and no pains next morning. The most helpful guy you would like to meet. Friendly and most of all, listens to his customers. I was so impressed, I asked him to do my other bike too.

Do your self a favor and have you bike fitted by bike_aid. The best thing you can do to your self and your bike. Thanks @bike_aid *****”
Panos Gerontis, Curry Rivel

“I recently had a bike fit from Nick as my performance had taking a dive in the wrong direction due to the arrival of a new bike. I set the bike up visually to the old one but didn't get near enough for the benefits to show. I found Nick to be very confident and knowledgeable and always asked for my feedback on feeling before making any adjustments which really helped the whole process and made me feel confident that we were heading for the best possible outcome. I rode the bike the day after the fit to test the final adjustments he had carried out and I felt like I was back in the position that I always felt gave me the best results. I would recommend Nick as his knowledge is outstanding and he has delivered the results I have been missing which will ensure my training now heads in the right direction. ”
Stefan, RMRNCA

“Nick was recommended to me by a friend. I usually do most of the servicing on my bike myself but as I had ridden it through the winter I thought it could do with a complete strip down and rebuild. Top quality service, Nick talked me through the complete process of what he was going to do to the bike - really pleased with the service.

I also booked my bike in to get it fitted properly - I had built the bike myself and thought I knew what I was doing, however 2 hours with a professional proved that I didn’t!!!! Small (and some not so small) adjustments have transformed the bike. Nick dropped the bike back off at my house after he had made all the adjustments and I went straight out on the Wiltshire Wildcat (68 miles) - the bike was awesome, so much more comfortable and more power on the flats and gradients. 60-70 miles used to be my limit and I’d be shattered and aching at the end of it, but this time my legs still felt pretty good and no aches and pains on the rest of my body.

Cannot recommend highly enough - amateur through to really serious cyclists can really benefit from a visit to Bike fit Yeovil.”
Owen, Milborne Port

“Having done a couple hundred miles since the fit and now really feeling at home. Without going out to ride faster my average speeds have crept up by nearly 2 mph.”
Ray, Somerton

“Hi Nick, Thanks for the work on the Bike Fit I rode the Club 10 mile TT after the fit and was putting out more watts and consequently did a PB. The hip pain I was encountering was solved and no knee cap tracking issues on the 5 hour club run that was causing issues. So thanks again. ”

“A big thanks to Nick from ‪@bikefityeovil‬ for taking the time and explaining all, during a mm perfect bike fit.”